Saturday, February 1, 2014



I have been round and round about how to make a decision on what is best for our family and the kids education.  At first I was thinking I could homeschool the kids easy and it would be so fun.  Believe me I am not discounting the teachers and from all of the research I have been doing in trying to put a program together for all the kids and the grades they will miss I have a new profound appreciation for what the teachers do.  I have now met or talked with the principle at Burton Valley, each of the kids teachers, the Calvert school academic counselor, the american correspondence curriculum counselor, the  Lafayette Curriculum director and the Head of Counseling at Campolindo High school.  So in meeting and talking with all of the above professionals I have come to realize how big my undertaking really is.  To make sure that the kids will maintain if not excel in their curricular activities for the next two years, it is definitely more than I anticipated.  I feel really overwhelmed at the task a head of me and keeping the kids challenged and on track while we are on the boat will be a life challange.  With limited internet and with weight restrictions we are really trying to make the best of our world aboard.
We have decided that the best thing for us to do is to purchase curriculum for Alina and Amaia that is at a grade level beyond where they would be starting next year.  The programs are expensive and we feel that we can fill in the gaps or take it slow if necessary.  We would like to keep them challenged.  We are focusing on reading, comprehension, grammar, math and journaling.  For science we will use the programs that come along with the Calvert System and also use the the Nature Journaling system.  In regards to the kids going into middle school and high school.. this is where I really became nervous and decided it was best to do an accredited program.  In order for Tristan to enter into high school at the level his friends will be and to graduate with them, we need to have the credits applied.  In theory I would like to expand on the Calvert Curriculum with the Common Core Standards that will be the new academic program for Ca .. I am anticipating that there will be a lot of time for family discussions and journaling in order for the kids to really get the practice of deep thinking about the content of what they are studying.  If I just keep reminding them that "Life is an adventure, check your Attitude" then hopefully it will be the happiest boat afloat!

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