Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our New Home has Arrived!

Well after a long journey of 30+ days of motor sailing up the west coast our new boat has finally arrived.  The kids are so excited to go see her.  It took them much longer to get here because of their delay with the hurricane outside of Mexico.  This caused them to have to change course and travel along the coast line instead of sailing out to sea and then cut back in to the bay.  Going up the coast is known to be one of the most miserable cruising tracts known in the pacific because of the fight with wind and current all the way up.  It makes for a very hobby horse and slow ride.

Thank you so much to Tony and Pete for sticking with it and making the trek back home.

We will get to take the kids to see the boat sometime this week after the guys are able to recoup from such a long journey.

I can't believe we are almost living on our boat...  Of course I am imagining the Serene environment of the calm waters, cool kids and mimosa's in the morning...  and then I wake up from my dream and am envisioning all 4 kids fighting over swinging on the lines, chasing each other around and around the deck, yelling and screaming and us needing to find a way to get their energy burned creatively.  There will obviously be a good adjusting period that we will need to go through along with an anchorage far enough away from other boats where the Family Circus doesn't get a reputation as that boat nobody wants to anchor next too.  Actually maybe thats not such a bad thing.:@)

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