Thursday, July 3, 2014

So..are you going to fish?

We get this question a lot- and the answer is YES!  fortunately, in many parts of the Pacific, fish seem to still be available, if not plentiful. As my brothers can attest to, we didn't grow up fishing in the Tzortzis family- it just never made it on the list of many activities we tackled as a family.  My brother  Mike has made inroads by spearing fish when he free dives, and I have had some limited success with that as well.

So yes, I like to eat fish, but "no", I am not yet a fisherman.  (Unlike the majority of Heather's side of the family).  However, maybe the fishing karma and prowess has skipped a few Tzortzis generations - Tristan certainly thinks so!  Ever since his first 10 min fishing attempt yielded an 8 lb. striped bass- Tristan thinks its his thing- and I hope it is!

I am definitely looking forward to "fishing/hunting for food" on this trip, (as opposed to "fishing for fun") and Tristan is really excited.  The prior owners of the boat are leaving behind a very nice lure collection for him and some additional tools of the trade:

 We have one fishing pole (that hasn't caught a single fish yet- not even a minnow), and are on the hunt for at least one more saltwater big-fish-grade pole.  I have some hand lines already, and thanks to my brother Mike- I have one bad ass big'ole spear gun.  (safety note to all readers: 1.  spearguns should not be fired out of the water, even at hay bales  2.  if you ARE shooting at hay bales, do NOT hold the gun close to your cheek bone while sighting down the hurts...a lot).   We will have a few spears/Hawaiian slings, and now own a "lobster tickler".  Tristan thinks our most important next purchase is some sort of knife to finish off big fish we shoot.... that may be slightly ahead of our current skill level.

At the end of the day- hanging out with the family, catching and dissecting dinner just sounds awesome.  I welcome all fishing advice, and more importantly "fish cooking advice".  The favorite recipe just recently shared with me - is Louisiana Bayou style fish cooking - "Put hot sauce on fish, put it in the microwave for 4 minutes, done!"

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