Saturday, February 28, 2015

To have insurance.... To not have insurance... that is the question

Before Chris and I left we debated a lot of whether to purchase medical insurance or not.  It is a scary thing traveling with 5 kids and accident prone parents and not have insurance.  Especially when living on a boat ACCIDENTS are bound to happen!  So far we have been extremely lucky and have only had an ear infection to deal with.  Knock on Wood.  Another aspect is the regular doctors visits for check ups.  We had decided after a lot of research and looking through many of the cruisers blogs to just pay for the medical appointments when they came up.  Often the care is just as good as in the states and completely affordable.  Dental cleanings run around $35 and to fill a cavity is around $40.  The cruisers network is so helpful and many of the cruisers live here for half the year and have for years so they are often recommending doctors that they have repeatedly seen.  Again I can’t say enough about how wonderful and helpful the sailing community is.  Whatever you may need someone either has the part/ the answer/or directs you to a way to solve it...

The kids last saw a dentist in August, so we were coming up on our 6 month cleaning appointment time.  Our friends on Pelagic had seen a dentist here in Zihuatanejo and said he was fantastic.  So I was planning on carting all the kids down to him just to get a cleaning and make sure there aren’t any issues before we leave for the Marquesas... We were having dinner with friends from another boat (Seahorse 5) who I knew she was a dental hygienist but also knew she didn’t have her instruments... so I was just blabbing and letting her know that I was going to take all the kids in... Well, Tina had mentioned that her friends that were just visiting brought down her tools so if I wanted her to, she could come over to our boat over a few days and clean the kids teeth... ARE YOU KIDDING!  YES!  that is so awesome.  Not only is it someone the kids love and are comfortable with but so easy and convenient since we were anchored right next to each other.  So the kids were all able to get their teeth cleaned... While I am assured that they have all been looked at and any areas of concern... Tristan is the only one with a cavity that we need to have filled... So I will be looking for a dentist in La Cruz to have this filled.  We now don’t have time to get it done here.  Of course she told me that without x-rays she can only see the ones on the surface and not in between the teeth... but I hear that Tahiti also has amazing dentists and it bought me some time until we get there to have some work done and full cleanings with x-rays... I wonder if the dental offices are under a tiki hut?

In the end when we were registering for the Puddle Jump we found out that in order to enter in to the French Polynesia they are now requiring proof of medical insurance... so we have purchased our medical policies through the Dan Divers Insurance for the whole family.  We wanted a medical evacuation policy and this incorporates both medical and evacuation at the same time.  So at least we have something.

Hugs to all


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