Thursday, December 24, 2015

From Sea to Snow and loving it in Mt. Shasta!

Hello Everyone,

       We had an amazing week with our friends in Lafayette.  What an amazing warm reception and it is SOOOOOOOO nice to be home for a short visit.  Like I had mentioned before we loved all the hugs and catching up visits that we got and I want to thank everyone for making time and space for The Family Circus in all of your homes and hearts.  I know we popped in at the busiest time of year and it was truly special for us to see everyone.  Thank you to the Andy and Katia and The Darins for making space for us to crash in your homes and opening your revolving doors to friends and family to come and see us.  You guys are so sweet and I know you wouldn't have it any other way but we are a big family especially when you combine our families and we fill every nook and cranny!  :@)

      We just arrived up to Mt. Shasta few days ago and have been outside playing in the snow ever since!  I can't believe that the kids aren't freezing to death... but with all the snow sledding, snow boarding, zip line snow ball fights, and regular snow ball blasting they haven't hardly wanted to be inside this beautifully decorated house.   Oma has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy making this christmas extra special for all of us.  Just decorating the 16' christmas tree that she selected out of her yard and brought indoors... pinecones still attached and all is just amazing.  There are candles on every branch that with tradition will be lit tonight and all the lights turned out (including the electric lights)... don't worry we have replaced the bucket of water with a new fire extinguisher for the occasional stray flame.

With the 2 acre property and a gentle slope down the kids have been able to build a nice long snow board/sled run down the property... we were out there until it got dark last night and then Chris and Josh had a brilliant idea to run outdoor lights along the run so the kids can do night sledding (not sure about the snowboarding at night) but I am sure they will attempt everything.  Not only illuminating the sled run but it serves as a perfect landing strip for Santa tonight!  I know he won't be able to miss it!  We are anxiously waiting for all the Christmas festivities to begin tonight and for tomorrow.  Then the rest of the family will come and join us.  We are so excited to see and spend time with all of them... I can see a family photo in the making.

Alina's Snowman

Fiona... Amaia wanted to donate the base of the gingerbread house to the birds but made sure she picked off and ate everything else!

Oma and little Amelia

Oma's beautiful tree

Amaia thought that if she opened wide so would Amelia... we all know how well that works (hee hee)

Uncle Josh and Amelia

Oma ripping up the slope!

Ethan on the zip line as Tristan pelts with snow balls... Brave

Tristan snow boarding down the run... he added a little jump to help.

Amelia fell asleep while I was holding... so I put her in the little sled... and pushed down to make sure it wouldn't suddenly go down the hill.

Alina, Emerson and me....

Beautiful Morning

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season, be safe and peace in the new year!
Hugs and Love to all!

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