Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just horsing around.... Kawhia, Nz

Hello Everyone,

So all of us have gotten to pick something in our traveling around New Zealand that we really wanted to do and for Amaia and Alina it was horse back riding.  Growing up with horses going out on trail rides that you pay for isn't as exciting in and of itself.. but for the girls who just love the horses and haven't been able to ride a ton this was perfect for them.  Plus the scenery and the day we had was the frosting on the cake.  I really wanted to ride on the beach and not around someone's farm or down through the bush where all you can see are the trees so this was the best option for both of our worlds.

Again this was what seemed to be a small operation down in Kawhia.  Bevan and his kids were raising money for them to travel to Thailand for a type of karate tournament.  He is their trainer and as it turns out spent a few years living in a camp in Thailand to learn his martial art.  The kids were fantastic with the little girls.  As in most trail rides you just get to go for a walk so I wanted to go for a scenic walk which is why we chose the beach.  It really is a beautiful black sand beach.

We were lead down the beach by the kids until they felt the little girls were comfortable.  His kids walked the whole way beside the girls to make sure they were having fun.  All I heard behind me was Alina's little giggles as the little girl that was with her would run along side and make the horse trot sending Alina in a bouncing, laughing frenzy.  

Tristan and Chris having a little chat...

It was also our anniversary of 17 years.  I can't believe how much time flies...  Our adventure has been so incredible in so many ways .... I hope for many more (maybe some simpler) adventures to come.  

We also met up with our friends from Bob the Cat and Javalot.  Rachel made a fantastic traditional dinner of Lamb and Kumara.... The kids had so much fun hanging out and playing games outside until we left at 10pm.  There house is super cool and the kids made themselves at home just like they had never separated.  It is so much fun to get together and reminisce about the cruising days now that they are back into their working worlds, school and real life, it makes us appreciate the few months that we have left.  Stories of the fish caught, kite surfing, snorkeling, advice on places to go see in Vanuatu and New Caledonia, talking about the wonderful places in Fiji and the impact of the cyclone and of course a little of the american entertaining politics... we are viewed these days from the outsiders like a reality t.v. show... from super power to MTV Reality... God Bless America.  

Some of the other sites along our roads of New Zealand....

Tristan trying out the moped for his next ride next year to school

 Girls and Ivan on our friends of the boat Javalot

Coffee at Celia's son's cafe in town... I love the artistry of the elephant and pac man

Love these old homes

Hugs and love,


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