Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pictures of Ambryn and Lamen Bay, Epi Island

Hello Everyone,

Just going to throw a couple of pictures up... need to try to keep up when I finally get internet that where I can upload.  After we left Epi and were heading up to Pentecost we came across a pod of dolphins.  Now this never gets old and this day was extra special because there was zero wind to ruffle the water and so it was like watching these dolphins swim under the water in a glass bottom boat.  You really could see them in detail.

It just never gets old having these beauties swimming with you... magical.

Ambryn is known as another volcanic island with a live volcano.  There is an anchorage where the spring water is seeping out of the ground and warming up the ocean waters and the sand on the beaches are heated to a temperature that is so hot it burns your feet.  All you have to do is dig your toes in the sand, the deeper you dig the hotter it gets, rapidly I might add.

We were all swimming at the beach of this supposedly remote part of the island without a village nearby when all of a sudden there was a little boy of about 5 running toward us on the beach to see what we were doing. When we saw him he ran away.  Bummer.  It is almost like spotting turtles, as soon as you see them they are gone.  The bigger question on our mind... was where did this kid come from?  Wait he is all by himself!  

Hope all is well with everyone at home.

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