Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Official Last Post from the Boat....

Hello Everyone,

Well it is official.  It is our last night here.  We are all packed.... pretty much... and are just going to have a nice dinner together on the boat and then try to get a good nights sleep.  We had a great weekend before we brought the boat in... some beach time, sun, kite surfing, and feeding the fishes off the back of the deck.  We even had a resident barracuda that was about 5 feet long.  We got him to come close as we fed him some steak that had gone bad.  Of course we weren't going to go swimming after that but it was fun while it lasted.

We are traveling to Sydney for 3 days and will spend Tristan's birthday there.  One of the great benefits to cruising is meeting people all over the world and being offered to come and visit.  One our of our very good friends on a boat called Apropos, Karen, Jim and Jacintha have contacted her mom and sister in Australia and they are welcoming the circus into their home for a few days.  We are so grateful for an open door and are looking forward to meeting Jacintha's auntie and grandma.  Then after that we are heading up to go and hang with another of our cruising friends from a boat called Skyus.  The kids and adults had so much fun with them in Bora Bora, Tonga,, and Fiji and live just north of Sydney, we are all really looking forward to catching up and hearing about their land life and back to school stories.

Then we are home and getting back into the roll of things...

Anyway... Ciao for now and hope all your sunsets are beautiful and you always chase your dreams... no regrets and no I wish I would haves.... take care and be kind... It seems like the world needs a big hug right now and a lot of pay it forwards.



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