Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sheds, sheds, sheds....

Hello Everyone,

It is amazing.....When you lock your keys in the trailer and the only one that can fit through the tiny window is swimming in the buff.....

Hello Everyone,

Time is flying by and instead of heading the warning from a few that we should observe the property for a year before we begin breaking ground... we just can’t wait.  We truly love it up there and are so at peace that it is hard to wait.  Our goal is to get the land developed just slightly above glamping so that it is comfortable to stay for a weekend and bring some friends/family to enjoy it with.  

After school got out Alexia wanted to take a few friends up camping since they hadn’t been before.  The girls had a great time hanging out literally in the stock tank since it was 104 degrees the 2 days we were there.  I also brought a friend for Amaia and Alina up so it truly was a girls weekend.  I was able to do some tractor work that needed to be done and also get the foundation railings leveled and set for us to start building the shed when we got up there on the 4th.  

We also came back with a new member of the family.  I went to the feed store to get Amaia some cowboy boots for her birthday and she came out with a stetson hat and a new kitty.  Alexia found him first and since he has a moustache there was no way we were going to leave him there.  The kids have named him Sir Gunthar... but Chris and I call him Pedro.

We have decided that in order to do this we needed to have a few sleeping/kids cabins, a civilized bathroom facility, a hot and cold water shower, and power.  

We have started to build our sheds they are 10’ x 12’ with little porches.  We purchased the blue prints off of the internet from Icreatables.com and they have been really helpful and the plans are incredibly detailed and easy to follow.  

We headed up to the property for the 4th of July week with a goal to get one shed done and the other started.  We arrived on a friday to receive the shipment from Meeks Lumber Supply so that we could begin first thing Saturday Morning.  

I of course thought it would be much easier and high hopes in getting both sheds completely built... LOL.  Chris on the other hand had read through the blueprints and studied what needed to be done and had a more realistic timeline in his head.  Not only was it just Chris, myself, Tristan and Alexia to build these but the temp was also an average of 100 degrees and in the dirt and dust it seems to get much hotter.  By the end of the day Chris and I were pretty exhausted from the heat.  It was quite refreshing to have our little stock tank to dip in with the ice cold well water.  

When we first got to the property the little girls ran to the pool and realized that since we didn’t drain it before we left, it became a frog oasis habitat.  They had the best time collecting and playing with all these little guys while I unpacked the car and the big kids got their tent set up.  

Saturday morning thru Monday night all we did was build, build, build.  It was super helpful having all the kids help us in each step of the process.  Everyone took a part when they could and we couldn’t have done it without them.  

Along with building the sheds we also had a few visitors to complete some of the other jobs and get quotes on new ones to do.  Allen Epperson our excavation guy came by to help us snake some electrical lines all throughout the conduit from all the future camping sites, solar power shed site and the well.  We also were able to get a water truck and a load of a truck of 3/4 cleaned rock laid on the driveway so when you drive there isn’t a cloud of red dust that follows you down the road.  

The kids busied themselves between helping us with a ton of reading, music, riding bikes, catching frogs and playing in the pool.  They also took many naps through out the day.  

It reminded me of our time on the boat.  Since we don’t have good cell reception it forces the kids to get off the electronics and find other things to do.  They turn to their kindles and just read read read... 

4th of July weekend we were able to get one shed up and the walls of the next... It is so nice to be able to physically see change and the vision of our garden area dreams beginning.  Ultimately what I am envisioning are 3 sheds that will be completely finished on the inside for sleeping, fire pit, covered outdoor kitchen and lounging area, raised beds and water features... but lets take one step at a time...

We also finally got our temporary outdoor shower built... It is so nice to be able to shower after a dusty long day of working in the sun...

As always my favorite part of the day is sitting back and watching the sun go down... Listening to the silence of nature...

Hugs and love,


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