Friday, August 8, 2014

Can of Worms or More Learning Opportunities

I just want to say that there have been a lot of learning opportunities in the last few days... I can see why they say that sailing will always keep you on your toes and your mind active.  You are always learning something new.  Yesterday my focus was on Props and Sail Drives.  Our boat is being hauled out for repair, with Chris and Tristan out on the 50 mile hike, it is up to me to try and make some decisions on what to do with some of the repairs that are in question.  Thanks to Pete, one of the previous owners of the boat, and my new best friend, I have been on the phone with him a few times a day trying to decipher the mechanics of the under side of the boat and what our options are in terms of either buying new props, or repairing our old props that are really expensive but make the boat go really fast :@)..... Also asking him questions about Mexico cruising permits and homeland security.... Maybe I will just wait for Chris :@)

Then today... I get a wonderful email from Gayle and Pete about registering our EPRIBs and an MMSI Number... what ever that is :@) I now know... but it opened up a whole new set of items for my TO DO list... I now need a station license for our boat.. it is mandatory for international travel if you are using a VHF and/or Single Side Band radio, not only that but the VHF may only be able to be programed once with a MMSI number so I will have to ship it back to the manufacturer in order to be programmed correctly with our new International MMSI number... This is a number that the Coast Guard, and in other countries their equivalent, use in order to track our location for a distress signal.  This is rather important to us so it has now become my priority.  I was also told that it may take longer than the time we have and so we may just need to purchase a new VHF... Boats :@( you always seem to just throw money away... PETE... thanks for the advice on resale on EBAY. I will definitely make an account to sell parts and pieces...

I also discovered Thru Mr. Kim, our escrow agent in Seattle, that we need to put a rush on our US Coast Guard Documentation because they usually take 6 months to process.  We need this little document in order to leave the country... and get into Mexico.. UGH.. but don't worry he tells me, he will get it processed in time... oh and by the way because we changed the name of the boat we may need to update our Mexico Cruising Permit... I wonder how much of a hassle that will be... if at all.  In all these discussions I also learned that we need to get a Mexican Fishing License... It is only available in San Diego and you have to have it BEFORE you enter Mexico if you have ANY fishing gear on board... this includes a stick with a lure.  If not there are very severe consequences that you don't really want to have done to you...  So THANK YOU to my Dad and Kristi for going to the Mexican Fishing License Office and trying to get one for our boat.   If they can get this for us it saves me a trip to SD or postage and the hopes that we get the license back in time for departure.

I have also been working on putting together our Medical Kit for our trip.  I am working closely with a few medical professionals for advice and help in getting all of our prescriptions collected along with the medical bag.  There are several sites that offer a recommended list of items that you have to have on board... of course everyone feels differently about these and me with my Paranoia and 5 kids I WANT IT ALL>>>>>  I have started my wound management bag... with the Tzortzis Grace, we will all need lots of bandaids aboard!

I am just amazed at all the people that I have run into in this sailing community... So far they have been so incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with.  They are so patient in helping me to understand things from cruising permits, required documentation, anodes, props and sail drives... oh my!  

I am also grateful for not only all of the advice I am given but also for everyone that is helping so much with all the little things to get us off the dock.  I want to thank Katia for her bottomless coffee pot and a quiet place for me to go and regather in the midst of the chaos at our old house before we moved out.  It was also a place the kids would go to escape the mess and reality of us leaving our home... Mallory for all of your help in getting us out the door.  Thank you for helping me pack and scramble to finally drive away... It was such a mess with the last minute stuff and trying to decipher between the garbage or packing... God what a mess.  Also, thank you for opening your home to Mykaela for a place to stay while we are away.   You guys are the best.  

I can say that it takes a village... but it is broader than that. 

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