Monday, August 4, 2014

Just a simple THANK YOU

Please bare with me... I am in a transition stage of reflecting, sadness, anxiety.... but also excitement, happiness, wonder and anxiousness.  I said yesterday that the hardest part of this whole process was leaving the hood... I would like to modify that to say that today was probably the hardest for me.  I had to leave my dog of 15 years with a wonderful family up here in shasta.  I know I won't see her again because she won't make it till we get back.  It is so hard to leave a family member behind.. which she truly is.  It just breaks my heart.  I know that all you dog lovers will understand the depth of this and others won't... but it was really difficult and I am ridden with guilt and missing her.  I wanted to give a big hug and Thank you to the wonderful couple that runs Shasta Cove Dogs. Thank you for their wonderful spirit and immense love they give to their dogs AND for taking in our 2 dogs for the duration of our trip.  If there is anyone better to leave them with, I think it would be very difficult to find.  This couple runs a rescue foundation for dogs with disabilities.  They are amazing in their generosity and love they give these pups in need.  They make their home the dogs home in such a way that the dogs know they are truly loved and know it instantly.

Knowing that my babes are in Doggy Disneyland truly makes it more comforting to leave them.  They have been so wonderful updating us with pictures of how happy they are, all of the kids really look forward to the pictures and seeing the dogs in action.  It really helps the kids to know they are in such a wonderful spot.

Please check out their website and if you feel you can help them in their mission to help dogs that aren't able to find care because of their disabilities, it would be truly appreciated.  They would never in a million years have asked me to put this on my site, so I hope that it is okay.


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