Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A few more photos! Finally back in the water

We are finally back in to the water again. We haven't been snorkeling much, as Mexico isn't quite the Caribbean in snorkeling breadth and quality, but occasionally you find some great places.  We are about to go back out and snorkel some more but got some great shots yesterday of the family putting on our seven masks and snorkels and flopping over the side of our boat to explore.
Sometimes you get lucky with random shots you take!  I love this one!

Tristan and I have been hunting but are struggling to find "shootable" fish.  I guess red snappers don't get much bigger than these? :-)

We're also working on the quality of our underwater photos - Amaia admiring the fish
Our home, Family Circus, against the idyllic beach at Tenacatita

I hope you are enjoying your adventures!  Please send comments through email, or by logging in to the website, otherwise we don't get them! Thanks  - CHRIS

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