Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chris's Random Update

After not writing a while it takes a while to get going again- which is what I am trying to do with this post.  I often think of things, throughout the days, that would be good blog posts, but then I talk myself out of them- audience wouldnt care, not complete enough a post, want to get more details....

Sometimes its just easier to catch up with some pictures- Heather and I both love taking pictures and with the 5-6 different cameras we have on board there are a number of different types of shots. Its also a great reminder for me of cool things that we sometimes don't write about, but are great day to day activities....sorry in advance for the random nature of the subjects!

A tradition in our family is waking up a family member on their birthday with everyone singing them Happy Birthday and coming in to their room with a candle in a cupcake--so we adapted it for the boat and piled everyone in the cabin for Lexi's birthday. I cant post the video yet, but love this photo:

We tackled a short haulout thanks to Tristan lifting the boat out of the water with his magical powers!
Rise! Family Circus, Rise!!!

And I am not sure we ever posted Christmas pictures... It probably deserves its own post, but since we may not get around to it .. we were fortunate that Santa and the Elves found us in Mexico, and Christmas morning was fabulous like it usually is-especially with more of our family with us.  Heather and I were very impressed with the muted gift expectations that our older kids had.  I hope that extends when we return back home- as all Tristan wanted was Jellybeans and Hamburger flavored potato chips!
I love how the GoPro makes the one meter tree look so big!

And now that we are finally underway, we have more cool pictures from being out at sea.  Its great having a big sister to hang out with, especially when the sun is rising and the dolphins are out to play!

We are on a constant evolutionary journey with Homeschooling, including the timing of it.  We've done some night schooling lately, and have tried splitting the workload throughout the day.  We try to give the teachers a break, and also allow the family enough time to enjoy beaches, or snorkel spots like "the Aquarium" here at Bahia Tenacatita.
A pleasantly surprising good morning of focused homeschooling!

Now that I started looking at pictures, I've found a few more.  I feel another blog post coming!

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