Saturday, May 16, 2015

Drift diving in Fakarava

Oh My Gosh, is what I hear from Mimi when we first get on the dock at Fakarava ( the south pass). There are 33 sharks swimming one foot below the dock. When we are finished staring awe struck at the sharks we finally make our way over to the dive shop. At the dive shop there are two people working there Cyrel and Emily. They were both instructors that have been there for four weeks and taking people on dives everyday. The dive instructor Cyrel is talking to my dad and explaining how the drift dive works. It sounded so cool that I couldn't wait for the dive tomorrow. The next day my dad and I are ready to go and dive the pass. When you drift dive, a boat takes you to the outside of the southern pass and drops you off, and then you drift with the current back to the dive shop. With our guide Emily we roll into the water and start descending. The first thing I see besides the bottom sixty feet down is a shark. Then as we start descending I feel the current. The current is strong but it is in the direction we want to go. As the current is pushing gently we are going through screen savers. There are sharks every where and the brightest and biggest fish I have ever seen. As we are going through the pass we grab onto coral and rocks to watch sharks go over us, and under, and hundreds to the sides. As we are drifting we see a cave, it is really cool because it goes back five feet and then there is a passage way on the side that leads farther back. As we reach the end of the dive we see walls of sharks. There are so many going back and forth through the pass that I can't even count them. At the end we just float up a coral wall and go over and we are back where our dinghy is. Know wonder the dive shop says that if you don't see a shark the dive is free!

That was my new favorite dive and I would really recommend it. Unfortunately it takes a little while to get here.


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