Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Internet????? Really slow but here are some pictures

Hi Everyone,

We are still in Fakarava but anchored in North Fakarava for today and then leaving tomorrow after the supply ship arrives.  It has been wonderful.  We have met a really nice family on a boat called shine and they have 3 kids with them ages 12 (Archie), 15 (Francesca) and George 17.  It has been a lot of fun here.  We went on a pearl farm field trip yesterday and the kids got to see how they seed the pearls and learn about how the farms work.  We even did a little shopping in the store... 

The internet is extremely slow and we have to pay by the minute... this has been a reoccuring theme here in F.P.  so I wanted to try to upload a few pictures... Believe it or not it took me 2 hours to get these out but it is well worth it... These are all pictures of our time in South Fakarava.. I am still trying to up load additional photos so you can see some of what we are taking about when we say screen saver country.  Hope all is well at home... 

Hugs and love to all,


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  1. Those are some really nice pictures! It seems like you guys had a pretty grand time on your journey so far. Anyway, how is your internet connection doing nowadays? I hope that you've found a more stable alternative to what you're currently using. Cheers!

    Jannette Britt @ T Link Broadband Services