Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Best birthdays ever!!!

It seems as if not much could top our excitement of the adventure ride down the coast, but we are still having an amazing time being together as a family and puttering around... 

Sunday was Kaela's 21st birthday, so we of course celebrated with birthday cake and her requested tequila shots at 8am... Whew,  haven't done that one in awhile :@) We had a great time sailing to the Channel Islands Harbor (on the mainland) from the Santa Cruz islands, stopping at Anacapa Island... The channel was like a lake and we ended up motoring the entire way.  This of course gave leeway to the kids running a muck on top deck with Tristan circus climbing up the shrouds with only his bare hands and feet, the little girls running laps around the outside and Alexia and Kla having a dance off in the back of the boat... So fun if you can just picture the obnoxious big catamaran coming your way with all the kids running around screaming like wild animals.. Even with all the noise, or because of it, we had several pods of Dolphins wanting to join our party and were swimming under our boat! they were jumping up in front of us and then diving down right beside the boat.  It is the coolest thing to see them naturally playing and having fun.  There were probably at least 3 big groups of them all around the boat -I would say at least 20.  The kids were just beside themselves, lined up at the bow of the boat,  and now expect to see this every day... We got to the marina and rushed to take showers and head off for a fabulous pizza dinner and some beer.  Great pizza joint called Toppers -or maybe I was just really hungry! We met up with Uncle Dre and Heidi and their friend Kitty.  It was really wonderful to see them and for them to make the trek over to catch us on a whim... 

The next day we celebrated my birthday with Chris and Tristan making an early walk over to Starbucks and some doughnuts, and then headed off to Catalina island.  On our way out we saw something that looked like debris in the water, or maybe a group of seabirds.  It turns out it was groups of seal lions that were just floating on their sides in pods of about 10, and were keeping one fin out of the water?!   There were seal lions just chilling all over the place.  So fun to come up next to them and they just sat there.  Since we were close enough to the mainland to have Internet access on our phones, we discovered through the San Diego Zoo website and a Marine Biology website that the sea lions actually were "Chillin" - they apparently raise their fins out of water to cool down....who knew?  So many fascinating things to discover out here.

It was about 7 hours to Catalina.  With no wind, and I mean zero... We motored the entire way.  Thank god for new props and a boat the can move at about 7.5 Knots on one engine... Life is good.  Chris and Tristan threw some lines out with no luck... while us girls laid on the deck and hung out.  Yes, we also got school in and are all caught up- and even a little ahead - so we had the whole afternoon to play.  On approach to Catalina, again more Dolphins and seals jumping out of the water and playing -only they weren't as social as yesterday.    They were in the same area so it looked like they were all playing together, or feeding together.  So fun.!  I saw my first flying fish.   Didn't know that they actually jump so far and seem to fly at least 20 - 39 feet - a foot above water.. So cool!  Chris was chef tonight for my birthday dinner... What was my request... Yep you guessed it,  Huevos Rancheros!  So awesome and really delicious!  My absolute favorite!  

We are now going to hang here at Catalina island until Thursday and then head into San Diego to start getting ready for the Baja HaHa Rally.  Our fix it list is growing and we have a lot of things to get done again, but this is the life we have chosen and there will always be something that is broken on the boat... At least they are mostly little things :@).

Life is good with lots of dancing and laughter, and so far this has been the best decision we have ever made!


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