Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our first update at sea! All is well!

So we made it! and we're "out here" in the Pacific Ocean. 23 nautical miles from land. Its currently night time, and most everyone is asleep or trying to sleep. The boat feels good as it barrels along at close to 7 knots. We have good wind (15 knots)- but we do have some cross swell and that is making it a bit more of a bumpy ride. All in all, its going really well and could be much worse. I am still hoping for the clouds to part amd let a clear moon in.

We made it out under the Golden Gate almost completely to plan- much to our own surprise. We fueled up in Sausalito after leaving Brisbane, and decided we were all set. We raised the mainsail, and flew the fabulous "Family Circus Tent" Flag that my mom made- as we headed over to Fort Point off Crissy Field. We searched the bluffs and found my mom, and my brother Mike and his family, both frantically waving their arms and sweatshirts. We waved some vigourous good byes, I welled up and surpressed some deep, long lasting emotion, and we tacked and pointed Family Circus's bow under the South tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was an awesome feeling to feel the boat get the bite of the breeze in its chops and surge forward. Thankfully the wind reduced from mid 20's to low teens and we threw one more tack at the Marin headlands before we headed South over the San Francisco Bar. The kids all settled in quickly- Amaia & Alina napping and reading, Kaela napping,my wife staring at the horizon and Tristan and Alexia were hysterical was they "Stood watch" as they jammed to some music station singing at the top of their lungs.

As far as watch standing- we are playing it a bit by ear as this is uncharted territory for the Tzortzis family. Most of the crew is on some sort of anti seasickness medication, and adjusting in different ways. I am going to take this first evening watch as long as I reasonably can, and then will lay on the salon couch while Heather and Mykaela take turns. Thankfully everyone heartily ate the chicken rice stew, and now we'll see if we can all keep it down.

Its fun, and a little surreal, to be out here actually doing this. Its been even more amazing to experience the goodbye's in person and through social media. I am very grateful for all the kind words, good wishes and words of encouragement. They all help immensely!

More to follow....but its started! CHRIS

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  1. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to following you all on your adventure!!