Friday, October 31, 2014

Sitting by the dock of the bay.... :@)

We are sitting here in a bar with WIFI>>... How cool is that.  Overlooking our boats about a mile inland.  The weather is fantastic, dolphins and seals swimming under the boat, the kids homeschooling is working itself out and finally felt productive today... Then the alarm goes off.  Just kidding it feels like a dream but it isn't.  Everything is fantastic right now.  Kids are working out exchange rates while they go to the bar to buy mommy a Pacifico!  We just finished a baseball game with all the Baja Ha Ha'ers and now the kids are running around with some local kids and having a good time.  Alina has discovered that she loves the game and decided that she really is a homebody and stayed on home plate until someone escorted her off of it.  Kaela is sitting outside checking all her emails and sending out some new ones and all is good.  The town and all the people are extremely welcoming to all of us here in the Rally.  The kids are getting an appreciation for Lafayette and the lifestyle there but are also realizing they love the experience of seeing how other people live and the smiles they get from all the kids we are passing by thru town.  Amaia of course is loving all the stray dogs... gotta work on that girl.

I want to thank Oma for her endless support and towel waving on the sidelines... so awesome and Auntie Piper's Surprise visit and of course the special time we had with Kava and Ariel.  Thank you so much for the time you spent with us.  I can't tell you how much that meant to all of us... especially me... I think I drowned all of us with the tears that I shed then and now just thinking about it.  Love you guys from the bottom of my heart and I miss everyone we left behind.  You really do feel very isolated out here and we are now reaching out to the families that we find along the way.  Really meeting some fantastic people that are so family oriented, so far we feel like celebrities when we walk somewhere... all we here is FAMILY CIRCUS.... Oh so fun.  Love it.

I am updating with some pictures today to catch you up on all that is going on.  It has really been spectacular and we are having a blast... the kids are already showing some independence... tristan is filleting fish and making brownies... alina and amaia are taking charge of their schooling and surfing and alexia is getting up before 8... ON HER OWN... miracles do happen :@)

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