Saturday, November 1, 2014

Delayed in Bahia Tortuga...

I am here overlooking the bay of Tortuga at Maria's restaurant while Abuela Delores is doing our laundry and I am sitting here catching up on the internet and trying to update the blog.  It literally took me 2 and a half hours yesterday to load those photos and update the blog.  Believe me I am not complaining....

We have been delayed here in the bay trying to wait out the storm that has been brewing down below cabo.  They say it is making the swells and the winds up north very difficult and uncomfortable to sail in... so we are on hold here until tomorrow morning and then we will see if we get the okay to move out or stay another day... we could be here for another 3 days... Its really not so bad so we will just have to see.

We had the best time yesterday at the baja ha ha party on the beach and I will upload some pictures.  it is really amazing the community of people that we have met in the rally and in the local town.. the kids are having a blast playing with all the kids and they are slowing picking up the spanish or it is coming back to them from taking their spanish classes with Ms. Claudia at Arroz Con Leche in moraga.  It is really fun to see her playing with the kids.  Even Alina yesterday playing with a little girl throwing out Alto (for stop) and I hear her running away saying Rapido and Vamos.... I think to myself WHAT>>>>> so cute.

Tristan is really acclimating well with all the kids.  He has made a few friends within the fleet and also a couple kids from town.  Today he was translating for me and translating for me.. this boy tristans age came up to us on an ATV and wanted to ride the paddle board so tristan went out with him on our paddle boards and then when we got back he wanted to take tristan out on the ATV but we had run out of time and had to get back to the boat... so fun.  It is really fun to hear the kids talking on the VHF and calling each other to make playdates and exchange candy from tricker treating... somethings never change.  Now they are trying to organize sleepovers... REALLY>>>> ugh!  is all I say. :@)  Kaela has made a friend with Victor and Rajulio... It was really cute I over heard her that she brought a gift for Victor... some of her favorite fingernail polish.  They are sharing pictures of boyfriends and fashion advice... really sweet boy and very nice.  Victor and Rajulio are the sons of Maria who owns the restaurant that we have been hanging out in....

The kids had a great time trick or treating last night.  They all got dressed up and went in the dingy to trick or treat on the other boats.... The boats that had brought candy put on lights or strobes or decorated their boats.  The kids actually got burned out from going boat to boat. Then just like at home they came and sorted candy and put aside the parent tax candy and the candy for the candy fairy... but instead we brought the fairy candy into the village and Amaia gave it to all the kids on the beach.. It was so cute seeing her distributing candy and then telling some that they had already gotten some and for them to wait until all the kids got some.

Hope all is well at home and you ya'll are enjoying yourselves... remember to take the time to smell the roses... it truly is amazing to watch the kids grow and learn from what they are experiencing.  It is beyond our wildest dreams.


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