Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where are my glasses?

I finally have my glasses with me to see what I have been typing... Wow!  No wonder Chris gives me a hard time about my posts.  Sorry for all the misspelled words and typo's... Most of the time I go to shore, I don't have my glasses and my vision is getting worse everyday.  Thank god Amaia knows how to read and helps me when she feels like it.

Just know that my blog entries are usually done while being interrupted a million times and without glasses.

I just felt I needed to disclose incase you are worried about the education the kids are getting from their teacher.  :@)  I am sure they will still turn out okay :@)



  1. Hello Heather and family, we are a family of 3 from Berkeley, left late September and are now a bit south of Turtle Bay. Hope to run into you all! Cheers, Jolanda , S/V Bliss (aboardbliss.blogspot)

  2. Hey Tzortzis Family,

    I am amazed at how far you've gone in so short a time. Has it really been 5 weeks since you left. Seems like yesterday Chris and I were saying goodbye and good luck in Vegas. Great to see all of the photos and looks like you are having a blast.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, and keep up the posts.


  3. HI, I am glad you finally have your glasses and are able to type. I liked the photo of your family with the Maori. I spent one year in New zealand and it was an amazing place! I would have loved to be part of such a big family- there must always be something going on. All the best to you and your family.

    Lucius Calhoun @ Bolton Vision Centre