Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Cabo and its So thrilling just to know we made it this far....

I just wanted to catch up.  We are sitting in Cabo... being barraged by beach sellers, eating french fries and playing in the waves.  We took all the kids snorkeling today and it was Alina's first time.  She couldn't get enough and really loved seeing all the fish.  It was fun seeing that she recognized a few of them, trumpet fish, parrot fish, puffer fish and sergeant majors.  Then of course the colorful ones.

Life on the boat is getting easier.  We are all acclimating and doing well.  Figuring out the boat systems and getting into routines.  The kids are finding their special spots to do the homeschooling... Alina's journaling is really coming together and I always get a kick out of her phonetic spelling.  It is like reading a secret language.

We are on the final day of the Baja Ha Ha rally and at the final beach party.  We will be leaving here either tomorrow or Monday.  We here there is a tropical depression heading towards PV and wanted to get farther north to be away from the swell confusion it creates.  It is about a 2 day sail up to La Paz but we will stop in a little town along the way for a surfing break.

Life is good.  I wake up most mornings and realize how lucky and fortunate we are to be doing this as a family.  It has been very rewarding so far and I can't really believe it was so easy to get here.  It really gives me a lot of confidence in the rest of our journey.

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  1. Happy to hear you all made it down safe and sound. Unfortunately we had to say Adios to all those in the Baja-ha-ha as we don't leave till January.