Friday, November 14, 2014

Are there fish in the Sea of Cortez?

I thought I would post this one minute video of the food chain in action.  It was taken the evening we anchored in Bahia De Los Muertos/Suenos and we shone a light out around the boat.  We saw a ton of fish eyes glowing as they reflected the light.

We switched on our underwater lights, and then watched nature in action!  there was a ton of krill/plankton type stuff that attracted lots of fish.  We thought there were 50-100 fish until we put our GoPro camera on a stick and lowered it in to the water....not a hundred, but several hundred!

Its another example of the life underwater that we get to enjoy every day.   The next morning we started sailing at 7am with coffee in our hands and dolphins jumping at the bows, and then after we anchored in the evening we saw small rays jumping completely out of the water and doing 360 flips!


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