Monday, July 13, 2015

Bora Bora in on a squall... now nothing but sunshine

Hello Everyone,

We have been here in Bora Bora since Wednesday now... Our ride over from Raiatea was miserable... the seas were fine but we were stuck in a squall the entire time that stayed with us until Friday.  We were competely drowned rats.  I was so tired of the rain and unappreciative of our surroundings... why, because I couldn't even see the mountain Bora Bora is known for right in front of us.  We had less than 1/2 a mile visibility through the rain.  Now I am from Oregon and I can take the rain... but this is to much...

Once the squalls went away and the skies have cleared we have been out adventuring and discovering why this is such an amazing destination.  We started at the Mai Kai Marina on one of their mooring balls.  We found everyone there so completely friendly and welcoming that we ended up staying a few days.  It was quite the refresher from the other islands we have been at lately.  They had a little swimming pool that the kids loved playing in... it is funny that they want to swim in this tiny little pool when they have the entire Bay to swim in.  The Bay is warmer, clearer and has fun little friends swimming with you.   Speaking of which we went snorkeling here at the end of the bay and found the fish to be so curious that they came up and swam with you and often tried to take little nibbles from you.  Fortunately not all the fish we saw had the same idea.  Chris and I had a 4 - 5 foot Barracuda watching us and circling us the entire time we were playing with the littler fish.  It was quite daunting to look up and see this thing sneaking up behind you.  The first time I saw it I thought it was a lemon shark and almost climbed inside Chris's swim trunks.

Bora Bora is filled with all inclusive resorts and resorts that have shut down and have been abandoned.  Most of the beaches that we anchor next to are private or guarded if the place has been abandoned and you are not allowed on.  These hotels are in prime locations that are amazing... It's really a shame to see them deserted and falling apart.  We are closish to one of the only public beaches here and decided to go.  The beach is really nice and clean and next to an area of water that remains shallow for several hundred feet.  On our way over to the beach in our dinghy we saw eagle rays and sting rays gliding bellow the surface in the shallow waters... we never seem to get tired of watching them... they are the new dolphin for us...sort of.

 Abandoned Hotel right in front of us

We have had a wonderful time here, even trying to see what we can of the Heiva Celebration.  It is so wonderful to see how the entire community comes together to put this program together and I love how it keeps the spirit and traditions alive in all of the French Polynesian Islands.  It is really beautiful to be able to see everyone coming together and participating and dressing up with all of the head dresses, leis and floral attire...  I think my favorite are the group drum competitions that you can hear almost nightly at any anchorage on any island we are on.  Everyone is either practicing or the competitions are happening.  The nightly steady beating of drums echoing throughout the lagoons is a sound I will miss for a long time to come. 

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer... I love seeing all the pictures in Facebook of all of your summer travels... It is really fun for us to see pictures of everyone at home.  We miss you guys a ton.

Hugs and love to all.


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