Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Bye Society Islands :@( ..... Hello Tonga :@)

Hello Everyone,

Well this is just a quick note to say that we have officially checked out of the French Polynesia and we will be departing today on a 1200 mile passage to Tonga.  We are right now anchored outside of the MaiKai Marina in Bora Bora and have been here for a week.  We have been very busy doing errands and chores getting ready for this passage.  It is the usual week of preparations to make sure the boat is all ready to go.  Provisioning several days trying to hit when the supply ship comes in to get the freshest (if any) fruit and vegetables available... I was able to buy cabbage, lettuce, celery, cucumbers, carrots, eggplant, oranges, apples and pears.... So excited to have something not out of a can... and by the way those were our only options except for bok choy...  Chris has been busy checking off the boat list and changing oils, filters, repairing the clutch in the anchor windless, replacing a hose in the generator so we don't keep grinding out the impellers for our water pump and many other tasks I am not sure about.  Also of course loading up on fuel to last us for a month out there.  Getting all of our interneting done with banking issues, school items.. (yes the kids are still in school and finishing up for this year) and so on...

I was able to take the kids to the dentist here in Bora Bora.  It was great having them all cleaned and checked.  I am happy to report no cavities for the 4 girls and only one for tristan that we already new about in Mexico because a sealant had fallen out.  All in all the experience was great and he could get us all in the next day and it was less than $300 for all the work to be done.  Not quite the same thoroughness in the cleaning process as we have come to be used to with our amazing friend and dentist at home Dr. Mori (the kids really miss you guys by the way!)

We were able to haul the boat out in Raiatea and have some minor maintenance done.  We had changed out our ruder bushings, oil seal change in the port engine and some touch ups on the bottom of the boat.  The guys at Raiatea Caranage were amazing, thorough and really went out of their way to try and fit us in before our visa expired.  They were always smiling and having a good time while they worked and most of them have worked in the boat yard for over 15 years.  Really great work.

We will miss the Society Islands a lot and have really enjoyed out time here.  There are certain islands that really open their arms for the cruisers and then there are a small few that aren't quite as welcoming but still overall a very good experience.  They are truly beautiful with their deep purple blue waters in the lagoons, lush tropical forests, white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and picturesque sunsets and the people are incredibly beautiful with always a smile to welcome you.  You can really feel the warmth of their spirit and the true sense of family and loyalty amongst all of them.  I just can't quite capture the variety of shades of blues we have seen over the last 3 months... it still astounds me every time we come into new waters...  Just look at a blue raspberry slushy and then image floating around in it for miles and miles...

Here we go on to chase more sunsets....... a new adventure awaits us in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Hugs and love to all,


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