Monday, July 13, 2015

You know your a cruiser when....its fun playing in the deeper waters and chasing sharks...

Hello Everyone,

This is just a little picture update.  We had a great time playing today.  We took our boat out through the channel today with our friends from Shine and Lorien and we are on the search for the lemon sharks.

There is a well known dive spot just outside of the channel that everyone goes to swim with the lemon sharks.  The winds have died down and the water is crystal clear today... it is so amazing to swim in the beautiful purplish blue waters when the clarity is 50 feet or more... it is really amazing and so relaxing to be out there suspended on top watching all the fish below.

You can see the bottom of the ocean and we are anchored in 75 feet of water

Lemon Shark not to impressive... to deep to get closer

Mykeala working on her free diving looking for lemon sharks... she was pretty hard to see 50 feet down... it's like Where's Waldo except underwater.

Then a little wake boarding through the lagoon.... and amongst a few of our friends boats... It is really nice to have such generous friends on Shine who constantly use their dinghy for all the fun adventures... Thanks Guys... You complete us! (hee hee)


When we got back to the boat they wanted to do an afternoon dive in the canyons outside of the hilton... Looking for the manta rays... but ended up just playing instead... found a giant moray eel that made the trip worth it.


George, Archie (From Shine) and Tristan

Alexia and Xesca (from Shine) are dancing underwater ... Alexia is doing ballet in the back

While the big kids are out scuba diving and wake boarding the little girls are having their own party on the boat jumping off and posing competitions.... Amaia is getting pretty good at diving down deeper already.

Ready together now 1.2.3 JUMP!

Posing just like big sister.....

We will be leaving Bora Bora tomorrow so I am not sure how great our wifi will be so I wanted to get some of these amazing pictures loaded today... not that the pictures are amazing but the clarity of the water.  It looks like a giant swimming pool today with the suns rays reflecting through the water and making their prisms on the sea floor below.

Have a great day and hugs and love to everyone.



  1. Sounds like paradise! Love the joy in your writing and photos!

  2. That seems so cool! Hope you are having a brilliant time in paradise! Miss you loads<3
    - Grant Hudd family