Sunday, September 6, 2015

Almost to Fiji

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update on our current passage. We are now at 18.10.137S and 179.15.449E. We have officially crossed the line on the maps where if the world was flat we would have sailed right off of it. We are now in the Eastern Hemisphere... and still sailing so I guess since we didn't fall down the rabbit hole we will be arriving into Suva (50 miles away) around 10pm tonight.

It is nice to see the Fijian islands as we sail/motor through. Today is Monday and it has become squally. Our first two days were fantastic. A lot of motor sailing which is what I like best because then it is calmer. We have been making decent progress on one engine switching them every 18 to 24 hours... but with these squalls we are now double reefed with a handkerchief out for a Jib to help stabilize the boat. It is wet and raining right now, the good news is the squalls only have winds so far up to 30knts and pass over us quickly.

The kids are doing great. Amaia was the only one to get sick and it was not until this morning... but then she jumped up and had two bowls of cereal so she rebounded quickly. We have all been watching movies and reading this time... With the rain we are stuck inside the boat... once you get wet it is hard to get warm and dry again.

We will check into Suva, get gas and reprovision and then make our way over to the Musket Cove Regatta that starts this Friday. It is a large regatta with a lot of activities of all ages so we are all looking forward to it.

Hope all is well with everyone at home.

Hugs and Love to all.


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