Sunday, September 13, 2015

Musket Cove Sailing Regatta, Fiji

Hello Everyone,

Just a little update, Chris, Amaia and Alexia are participating in the Quizz show tonight while Alina and I are at home watching Hairspray on the big TV singing our hearts out.....

We are in Musket Cove, Fiji now for the Sailing Regatta here.  We have had a lot of fun and we are now only half way through.  If we could just turn the wind down a little that would be really helpful.  It truly is warmer here on the west side of Fiji and the islands here are incredibly beautiful.  White sandy beaches, warm air... (haven't tried the water yet because of the 20+knot winds 24/7) but I am looking forward to swimming again hopefully soon.  The tides are amazing... they literally empty the lagoon here at low tide and then completely fill it back up again with in a 12 hour period.  It reminds me a little of the British Virgin Islands here.  I wasn't expecting it to be so dry and the lack of vegetation is a little disappointing but it is still beautiful in its own way.  We were immediately greeted by little Ivan from Javalot that has been hoping to meet up with us since spending time with our friends on Apropos two months ago... Ivan is a doll, blonde haired beauty from New Zealand and Amaia and him have been hanging out Kayaking and playing on the beach since we arrived.  We were also able to catch up with our friends from Bob the Cat that we met in the Marquesas... we have been hoping to catch them since they left us in Fakarava and finally we were able to.  It is so nice to meet up again with old friends.

Ivan from Javalot

We have been participating as much as possible in all the events the sailing regatta has put together.  There is no shortness of events and things to do.  We had a great day of racing to the beachcomber island... as we were passing by little island after island we went by the one that they filmed castaway on with Tom Hanks.  We will go back and explore that one when Oma is here.  The race was a pirate race complete with costumes and biodegradable water balloons fights.  It was a riot to have all the boats loaded down with these water balloons.. at one point we were getting hit on all four sides of the boat.  It was a little nerve racking for the captain to navigate all these boats coming so close as to throw bomb after bomb at us and us running all around the boat throwing them back.  Talk about chaos.  At one point we had 120 foot super yacht with 12 crew all launching water balloons at us on our starboard side while a boat was quickly coming up behind us so fast I thought they were going to ram the back of us... of course launching balloon after balloon and then they zoom past us on our starboard side and we have a boat coming at us on our port side with a balloon launcher zinging bombs at close range with high impact... After barely escaping the start of the race we made it to the island where we were greeted by a bunch of Fijian pirates rushing our boat as we land on shore and yelling at us and then being pushed through a pretend fire pit and then hut for shots of rum and then onto the dance floor... Then there were fire dancers, tug of war, food, DJ's and all sorts of fun.

Thanks Uncle Joshy for the balloon launcher it came in really handy!

That's the super yacht in the back.. 

The beachcomber Island

Shy face... or game face!

It was a really long and fun day to be had by all.  The rest of the events are kids beach day, hobie cat races that Chris and Amaia are representing Team Circus in, and dinghy decorating competition... then a final race around some more islands on Wednesday and the final dinner.

It is really beautiful here and fun with all the boats in our anchorage and on moorings, I hope the winds die just a tad so that it warms up a bit and we can swim but till then.. we are enjoying the festivities, kayaking and beach combing.

Hugs and love to all and hope you are all happy and healthy.


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