Thursday, September 3, 2015

Officially Checked out of Tonga and on our way to Fiji...

Hello Everyone,

Well we have officially checked out of this beautiful country.  We will be leaving for Fiji tomorrow morning around 6am, it is about 480 miles to Suva, Fiji and should take us around 74 hours, we are hoping to be arriving on Tuesday.  The forecast is for flat sailing... no wind and flat seas... Now I know what you are thinking.... That is not much of sailing... well I can say I am totally excited for this passage and am hoping the conditions don't change.  I love motor sailing because of my sea sickness and when we get opportunities for these types of passages I will take them happily.

This will be our first Passage without Mykaela and I was a little nervous for it because she is such a huge help out there.  I know there are many families with children that sail and only the parents are taking shifts but we were pretty spoiled having her with us.  She is back on the mainland now and really enjoying all the unlimited showers, fast food, wifi and cell coverage she has.

Tonga has been an amazing experience from cave diving, to the wildlife, to beach bbq, to the community and of course swimming with the whales.  We have had a really amazing time here and are sad to leave.   For out last night we went and anchored out and had a wonderful time on the beach with our friends from Shine and Skyus.  We had a big bon fire and cooked dinner on the beach and then the tide came in and washed out the fire and it was time to go.  We are now back in town, we checked out, got our duty free fuel, provisioned a little (we found Phillipino Rum for $10 behind the counter at Suzies), and are getting our last dinner out and some internet time done.

Tristan trying to get in the shot... so hard to get them both while swimming against current... and the whale is much faster.

Momma and baby.... with Lexi

Alina being grumpy about being thrown in the cold water with a 50 ton humpback whale.  I know she will appreciate it later (if she remembers it :@)

Will write next when we get settled in Fiji.   We have come almost 9,000 miles in our floating home... I just can't believe we are almost a year into this trip.  It has been so amazing and has gone by so fast.  I am looking forward to our next country and adventures.  We should be in Fiji about 2 months with 2 wonderful visitors Oma and my son Kava and his girlfriend Ariel.  I can't wait to see all of them and will be counting the days to give them hugs.  I miss family so much!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.



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  1. Swimming with whales, now that makes it all worth while. And we can't believe it has been a year either - Rosie is counting the days. Safe passage, thanks for keeping us posted on all your experiences!