Sunday, January 24, 2016

Finally back to the beach... NZ style.

Hello Everyone,

We have been tootling around the boat for a little while now and needed a day off.  It has been seasonably warm for NZ, especially since we have been here.  We were given a great recommendation on a beach to have fun at so we packed up the car with all our umbrellas, boogie boards, picnic, dive suits, and kids/Oma and drove along the coast north to Matapouri, NZ.

It was a wonderful 45 minute or less drive up the coast to a quaint little town set in on a little bay.  I felt like I had gone back in time about 50 years... There was only one little grocery/restaurant/ice cream parlor in town amongst some modern reconstructed 70's style houses.  It is amazing how clean everything is here, I never see any litter as we travel around.  This little beach was a really nice surprise and a great day was had by all.  The kids couldn't wait so they all grabbed a bag and ran to the water to dive in.  Oma couldn't wait to get out in the water so she grabbed a board and ran (okay sauntered) into the waves to enjoy some splash time with the kids.  She rocks!  It was a much needed time away to unwind, get our minds off the boat, relax and play some frisbee.

I love this about this girl!
You can just see her little feet going under in the waves... 

We haven't been in the sun for awhile so we all came home with a little (or too much) color, but well worth it.

This little girls is fearless, confident and ready to take charge... 

We are now getting ready to head out to Great Barrier Island for a week or so with Oma.  It is only about 50 miles from here and from what we here a nice day sail.  We hear from all the cruisers in the marina that in one of the bays, there is a pod of spinner dolphins that come around the boats to check them out and some are even able to swim with them.  I hope they are still there.  I would love to hang out with some dolphins before our trip ends... and not have it be in an aquarium. 

Hugs and love to all,

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