Friday, January 29, 2016

Great Barrier Island New Zealand....

Hello Everyone,
Nagel Bay, NZ

Photo bomb at the Irish Pub

Port Fitzroy, NZ

Book worm...

Tryphena Bay, NZ

Tryphena Bay, NZ sunset at low tide

 We have had so much fun and have seen so much in the last few days that it is hard to put it into words... We have very limited wifi over here so while we are sitting here at the Irish pub i am going to try and upload a few pics...  Just to let you know we have had amazing weather, beautiful landscapes, and more wildlife than we have seen in quite awhile .... Lots of dolphins swimming around the boat, a very large whale surfacing 20 feet off our port side, penguins, ducks and birds... And a shark to name a few.. Amazing!  Really amazing I can not express in words the beauty of our surroundings and the serenity and peace that follows every night with everything around us (animals and kids) going to bed.  As I am sitting outside watching the sunset and listening to the sounds around us... the fish started jumping and it literally looked like rain drops on the water and sounded like popcorn... (thinking of you kla).. Again just in awe of nature right now!

I hate to admit it but we have become quite the waterfall snobs... we walked the trail from Port Fitzroy to the bridal vail falls.  It was a really nice walk but after 50 minutes there the waterfall was quite small.... hmmm but that is okay.  Great barrier is known for their hikes and I just felt that we needed to do at least one while we were there and this is the only spot where you could get ice cream at the Port Fitzroy General store after your hike... so we were sold.

swimming in Nagel Bay (before the shark came)

Chris was enjoying the sunset playing his guitar peacefully while I was reading below him in the cockpit... when all of a sudden a huge shark (size of a baby whale) surfaced right behind our boat, jerked back and forth like he was eating something and then swam away... Hmmm okay that was interesting, now back to guitar and reading... 

Beach looking out at Tryphena Bay, NZ

Dolphin right below alina... just hard to see it.

Port Fitzroy Bay, NZ
The fish at night in Port Fitzroy Bay and Nagel Bay were amazing... they must have been eating mosquitos or something.  The water looked like large drops of rain was falling on it but there was no water, and the sound was like popcorn popping.  So much so that the girls came running out into the cockpit saying... Is it raining?  Super cool to watch.. and then of course following this is the diving birds to catch the fish... 

Hugs and love to everyone,

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  1. Wow, it looks and sounds beautiful! I had to read the part about going to bed twice. I assume you mean that it's so peaceful when the wildlife/nature seems to sleep. Wouldn't it be heaven if the kids also went to bed with the sun, just once in a while? ;0) In any case, I'm so glad that at the end of the day you are basking in peace and serenity. Here are people taking courses on mindfulness and learning how to meditate, and meanwhile you have your own private master class! Hope the weather is holding out - no more storms or squalls or typhoons or whatever. Enjoy the rest of Oma's visit! xo