Monday, January 25, 2016

Mountain goats or not... NOT... Hee hee

Hello Everyone,

We left the marina and its nice to be at anchor again for a little while.  We are anchored at the whangarei headlands waiting for our weather window to go 40 miles to Great Barrier Island.  There is a silly cyclone making waves and some wind for us so we will be hanging here until thursday when everything settles down.  The cyclone isnt close to us but all the surfers are totally excited for the waves dude.  Sweet as bro, as they all say!

We went for a little hike to the topof a very large hill! I clamored up with Tristan thinking there is no way Oma would be able todo this.. I was worried about her hips and legs. I sat down and low and beholdwithin 1p minutes she is rounding the corner and heading up the hill in true swiss alp form!  Chris and I and the kids just cant say enough for a younger (older) woman she is amazeballs.

Now a gin and tonic and some pasta for dinner! Great end to a great day, despite the rain...

Hugs and love,


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