Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Leaving a slice of paradise for the chaos of Tahiti

Hello Everyone,

By the time you are reading this we are half way to Tahiti. We are finally leaving the Tuamotus for Tahiti. We have really enjoyed our time here in Anse Amyot. Gaston and Valetine have been the most hospitable and generous with their home here. It is truly a little slice of paradise. We really enjoyed all the fantastic snorkeling, speared a few fish, collected some shells, had a BBQ on the beach, played with puppies and little piglets. The snorkeling the last few days has been unbelievably clear and there are so many fish to see along with the casual black tip reef and grey shark. Today we went out to the edge of the reef and snorkeled out there. It is so amazing to be able to see this shelf that just completely drops off into the Abyss.. Took some selfies under water there, Chris speared a grouper and a red snapper that he is now cooking for dinner. The sunset is amazing and a full moon is just peeking up from the east horizon. It will be the most amazing star studded night.

We will be leaving here around 4am to get a good start on our 240 mile passage to Tahiti. We are looking forward to chow mein and some ice cream. We have truly been spoiled since leaving Mexico being in such remote places.. we are a little nervous about going to the big city... It seems since forever that we have actually had to look both ways before we cross a street or have been in a crowd of people or heaven forbid a line in a store... I think the most people we have seen at one time was at the dance in Nuka Hiva. Ugh... back to civilization... I feel so spoiled saying that in a way I don't want to go to Tahiti... but we have so many things to take care of and some boat maintenance to catch up on... Plus on the bonus we have a few visitors coming to see us that we are very excited to see. Kevin, Mykaela's boyfriend, and Grammy and Grandpa Carl will be joining us for a little polynesian adventure... We are all so excited!

I am hoping to upload some pictures finally and get some laundry and provisioning done while we are at the marina... I hope and cross my fingers that the wifi is strong enough to upload some of these amazing photos that we have taken... they don't do the justice to the locations or give the feelings that we have been experiencing along the way but hopefully you will get a taste of these amazing atolls.

Hugs and love to everyone,


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