Friday, June 5, 2015

Some Pictures of Anse Amyote, Tuamotu Fun

 Papa Dorado caught just outside of Anse Amyot

Sharks Eating the rests.... of Papa Dorado

 Game of Dibble with the family from "Shine"

Anse Amyot... 

Copra Farm on Anse Amyot

Valentines Kitchen... Awesome!

Valentine and Gaston's Guard Dog... Chases the Sharks away.. When he sees them...

Familly from Shine carting us around after Dinghy Fiasco...

Chris, Amaia, Tristan, Archie watching Gaston in the Fish Pen Catching Dinner for us...

Biology 101.... Black tip reef shark caught in fish pen

Getting Fish ready for dinner... Parrot and unicorn fish on the menu...

Gaston caught these out of their fish pen... amazing BBQ.

Kids got to feed the sharks... the remains of the Baracuda and Shark that was caught in the fish pen... Just FYI... the sharks don't eat shark... so a new tip... in order to not get bit by a shark wipe shark blood on you (hee Hee) BTW... the kids aren't fond of it.. Just kidding.

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