Thursday, June 25, 2015

On our way to Huahine

Hello Everyone,

We are well on our way to Huahine. It is midnight and it is my turn to take watch for 3 hours. We decided to do an overnight because it is easier for the kids. They are able to just sleep while we plug away. It is a completely windless night, with a few light rolling waves, and a half moon playing hide and seek behind the clouds. It is really beautiful out here tonight. As we left Huahine it was an amazing sail out. If all of our starts where like this one I would never come home. Truly beautiful with the sun setting, a light down wind breeze and gentle rolling waves. I kept looking for the dolphins to be playing in the surf but unfortunately we haven't seen any since Nuka Hiva.

We had a great time at our last anchorage in Moorea. We had left the Cook's Bay and motored around to the next be up. It was as beautiful as expected. This particular bay is known for Sting Ray City and the hunt for the sunken tiki snorkel. Sting Ray City is definitely worth a stop. This is a spot outside of the club med on Moorea where the resort feeds the sting rays out on the reef every day at 11. Now if you go at that time you are swimming with about 100 of your closest friends. We went at 4 and there were only a handful of us cruisers out there with the sting rays. The sting rays are on the larger scale. About the size of Alina and they are so curious and hopeful that you will feed them they come right up to you. It is really great to be able to swim along side of them and at times the kids even were able to gently touch their backs. There were quite a few of them still around and when ever a new dinghy came to the area they would all swim towards it. Really fun to be in the water again after being on land for 3 weeks in Tahiti. It is really nice to be in the crystal clear waters again.. I just wish there was more fish life. We haven't seen any recently and it is really sad to see. We are only seeing the sharks and now the sting rays which makes me wonder... what are the sharks eating or are they hungry and do I need to worry?

The tikis were fun to find but not much of a draw to go back and see them twice. They were actually right off our anchorage and chris and I and the little girls went to dive around and see them. They are sunken stones that someone had dropped in there for some fun.

Everyone is a little sick with fevers and stomache issues these past few days so it has limited our time in the water and our energy level. Chris and I are hoping to get to Huahine before it hits us but I am already starting to feel some of what the kids are going through. Good news is that it is a short lived bug and should pass within 48 once you get it. It is only the second time we have been sick since this trip began and both times it is because we were in the marinas and in cities. It is easier to catch the bugs when people are around.

Gotta go now, not feeling to well with the rolling waves and typing.

Hugs and love to everyone,


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