Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spending in Papeete, Time and Money only goes so far here...

Hello Everyone,

 We are still in Papeete, and now our time is running out to get all the things we wanted to get done plus a few others.  We have been busy trying to fix the things on the boat that we KNOW need to fix, like the dinghy, Toilets (always), Sail Cover, Engines, Sail Drive oil change, and many others... then of course the things that come up like our water heater getting a major leak and having to remove it...
Chris is enjoying the shine's (Mercedes) to run a few errands... very generous of them since it takes so long to catch buses to the other marina... they also have a bike on board.  I am not sure what we would have done with out them.

We are taking full advantage of all the shops that Papeete offers.  Getting of course all of our boat parts, black pearls :@), provisioning, clothing items, books, arts supplies, and also having things shipped into the marina up the road.  Yes, I received next years Calvert supplies for the girls.  I am still trying to find a solution for Tristan since I am finding that all the high school programs are mostly online courses... and that you all know would be a nightmare and impossible for us.

With Chris and I doing so much work on the boat, Tristan also wanted to get in some work so he has been very entrepreneurial this week and has made a little business in helping other boats in the marina, doing odd jobs and cleaning services.  He has been working every afternoon.  He has made signs and has been walking boat to boat introducing himself and asking for business.  Nevermind school with as much business he has drummed up he can support himself right now... how can you refuse this smile!

 With Tristan working so hard and making money working on other boats, Alina was inspired to make some money as well.  She decided to make bracelets and sold them for 50 Francs a piece.  She sold them on the dock in front of our boat and then decided she could reach more of an audience if she went boat to boat like her big brother...

With all the work that we are doing it we are getting a little stir crazy and grumpy... so we decided to rent a car with our friends from shine and go drive the island to see some of the sights.  We went to Venus Point beach, famous for the black sand, a natural park, drove through a river (sign said if the water is only 1/2 way up your wheel to continue across, if not don't continue.. (What!), got eaten by mosquitos, drove to the famous surf spot of Teahupoo, played on the beach, then went down the road for some ice cream and a beer and then back home.  We had a wonderful time seeing all that tahiti has to offer and it is even more fun with our handheld radio chatter between our two cars.  

 We are getting ready now for the Puddle Jump Party happening this weekend and all the festivities that go along with that.  We have had a really great time here in town but are ready to move on to beaches, snorkeling, hiking and all the fun stuff again.

Hugs and love to all,



  1. Entrepreneurial kids...a very good sign of their "growing!" Thanks for continuing to share your adventures! Hope all goes well with your boat projects.

  2. Thank you guys again for all of the fun on the docks of Tahiti! We will continue to follow your adventures here! We will really miss the Circus!
    Jaime & Eric Taylor
    SV Coconutz

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