Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On our way to Suwarrow.... 36 hours and counting.

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note saying that we are 36 hours into our voyage to Suwarrow... It is 11:00 and my shift is just starting... I will be on watch until 2am. We are currently at 15.29.291S Latitude and 158.44.257W Longitude, there are a few pocket of stars out. We are taking the advice of Bob McDavit and trying to stay below the an area of possible squally weather with the southern convergence zone just north of us..... so we are on a very west heading and then at the last will turn right to go north on up to Suwarrow. The weather has been decent with steady winds between 18 - 22knts. The swell has been pretty much behind us but very rolly and about 6 - 9 feet. So it isnt a completely comfortable passage but is bearable. We had our first over 200 mile passage yesterday.

We started on a really great note catching a Wahoo. We haven't been able to catch anything for a long time and were starting to wonder if there were any fish in the sea... we had caught a wahoo and lost it once back on our passage across the pacific so it was exciting to finally land this one. It was 5 feet long and 38 pounds so we will have a great fish feast with our friends when we get into Suwarrow.

Everyone is doing great... hanging out, playing and watching movies. With the ride that we are having there isn't much else to do because you constantly have to hang on.

We are hoping to be in Suwarrow by Wednesday night or Thursday morning...

Hope all is well with you.


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