Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vava'u Tonga......

Hello Everyone,

We are still really enjoying Vava'u.  We have gotten a lot of our chores done and are now ready to go and explore.  We will be tootling around these beautiful little islands for the next week and then coming back to town to see Mykaela off to Tonga.  We will be really sad to see her go but at least I get to see her off in Tonga and spend a few special days by myself with my older precious daughter.

We have been wandering around and it is really amazing through town.  There are a number of dogs along with stray pigs that run all over town.  There was even a pig running into the church the other day as we were walking by.  Then we were on our way to the local chinese food place by the wharf and what did we come across was a local rotating a pig on a pit... There was a birthday party that he was cooking it for that evening... some of the most bizarre sites are the best.

We also have a number of bats hanging in the trees outside our boat.  We are tied to a mooring ball about 20 feet from shore and these bats that are the size of hawks are constantly flying back and forth in the trees.  They make the loudest screeching noises all day and night.  I thought they only flew in the evening but not these ones.  It is really fun to watch them land... they fly onto a branch like a bird and then flip upside down.

We are enjoying the food and the people.  This town reminds me of La Cruz in Mexico with the amazing cruising community that is here.  There are a number of boats that are here that were with us in Mexico... It is really nice to reconnect and know everyone as we walk around town.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy.

Hugs and love to all.


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