Friday, August 28, 2015

Vava'u Tonga Pictures..

Hello Everyone,

I am just speechless when it comes to this area... I can't express enough how much I love it here.  We have been having so much fun enjoying the beauty of these islands that we are now overwhelmed with where to start for our blog...

Run down... is staying in town.. dinners out, dancing, singing, shopping, gas, internet.. then off to outer anchorages, pigs on the beach, BBQ's dinners on the beach, playing rugby with local kids, going to local kids church, swimming in caves, both mariners and swallows, kite flying, kayaking, swimming, Amaia catching moon jellyfish with her new friend Cosmo from Athos, tubing, wake boarding, starfish hunting, aqua blue water, sunsets, spanish tapa dinner with singing after and a goat that roams the restaurant and then lays down next to the band, sunset crows nest ride up front mast of Athos, floating art gallery, more BBQ dinners on beach, some unsuccessful kite boarding, ugh... so many moments to share... LOVING IT HERE!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

I am going to upload some pictures now that I have a decent wifi connection and see what I can get down and then break it down... for now I am sitting in the friends cafe in downtown Tonga.  I am spending precious time with Mykaela before she goes off to start her new life... college, jobs...etc... I can't convince her to stay no matter how hard I try but I am very appreciative of the times that we got with her over these last 10 months... I know she needs to move on but it is really hard to see her go.  We will miss her beautiful smile, of course all her help... and also the unlimited dancing and smiling that always cheers everyone up on the boat... Boo Boo... Love you babes... now go and tackle the world with your beauty inside and out!  You will go far with all the confidence and warmth that you have to offer...

Tristan and Mykaela swimming with thousands of fish inside Swallow's cave

Mykaela swimming back out of Mariners Cave

Getting ready to go into Mariners Cave

Pigs on the beach at our first anchorage

In the crows nest of Athos with my honey for a pre-dinner drink... Man I felt spoiled!

Purple starfish all over our anchorage 

Goat in the Spanish Tapa's Restaurant next to the band...

George.. one of the local boys that played rugby with us the night of the Beach BBQ... His house is in the background.. there are 5 children in the family and the dad works in New Zealand.  They all had the biggest smiles on when we saw them in church the next day.

I will be flying back up to Vava'u on Monday the 31st... then we will explore more of the islands and crossing our fingers find a way to swim with the whales.  This is their busiest time of year so all the charters are booked... but with Chris' determination we will try everything to find away.. including a possible man overboard drill... Hee Hee.   Then off to the Tongan Island Chain of the Hapaii (not sure of spelling) Islands about 5o miles south and then jumping over to Fiji.  Hoping to be in Fiji around Mid September.  I can't believe that we are almost at our year anniversary.. How time flies when you are having fun.

Hugs and love to everyone at home.


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