Friday, November 20, 2015

Departing Fiji, Watch out New Zealand

Hello Everyone,

Well it is with much sorrow that we have to say goodbye to Fiji and make our way to New Zealand.  Although we are extremely excited about our new country and all the wonderful things it has to offer,  we have really enjoyed being here and all of the friendly people that we meet.  We are never disappointed and now are never surprised when and where ever you walk around you get the most amazing brilliant smiles and the energetic BULA shouts of hello and welcome hugs, sniffs and kisses.
If you would like to check in as to where in the world Family Circus is you can go to the website "Yachts in Transit"  Once in the site go to the bottom right side and you will see the category Yachts updates and just look for our boat name in there and click on the link.  We will be updating it as we go through our SSB.  Our window to go is great right now and a lot of boats are leaving today or tomorrow so we will be in the mix with a few other boats.

I must say that I have been in tears the last few days because we are leaving our friends on Shine.  Although we are taking George the eldest son for crew it is so hard to imagine our daily lives without them.  I feel like I am leaving a piece of my heart here and am so sad.  We are ALL sad to be leaving them.  They have been such a big part of our adventure.  We have been so fortunate to have met the boat families that we have a long the way and the two that we have really stayed and traveled with side by side I couldn't imagine our journey without their camaraderie and their support, humor and just being...   Thank you Shiners!  You guys are amazing and we look forward to seeing you in a few months in Australia or New Zealand... WE LOVE YOU!  Okay that'll do pig... Stupid Cows!

Hugs and love to everyone at home,


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