Monday, November 16, 2015

We are Alive and doing great!

I know its been a long time since we have written in the blog. Its actually crazy that its almost been two weeks since we were in Vuya village and headed for SavuSavu.

We have had an amazing set of experiences- almost too many in a good way, and we are way behind in writing. Of course, as our blog conscience catches up, we are now unfortunately (or fortunately) in an internet black hole, off the island of Makogai, and don't have a way of adding pictures at this time. But let this blog post serve as a promise that we will catch you up in good time. I'll give you some quick highlights:

1. We dove and snorkeled for three straight days on the world famous Rainbow Reef and it did not disappoint- some of the most spectacular underwater landscapes you can imagine.

2. We worked our way around the "Garden Isle of Fiji" - Taveuni, and found it to be a magical place. Natural stone waterslides on one day, and four stunning and majestic waterfalls on another day- followed up by a few days of recuperation at a wonderful find- the appropriately named "Paradise Resort".

3. We've made our way to Makogai, a former leper colony, over two days of sailing in blustery conditions, and plan to hang out here for a few more.

4. We are coming to the end of our Fiji journey, and are officially on Weather Window watch for our trip to New Zealand. Our latest understanding is that the earliest window is six days away so we are enjoying as much of this wonderful country, weather and people as we can.

If you follow us on Facebook (either Heather or Chris) you have seen many photos from events above, as the pictures do tell amazing stories. I have thought a lot about these last 10 days, and the many "Facebook" moments. Moments that make your circle of family and friends go "Wow"- and it really has been an overindulgence of great moments and memories. We are very lucky, and I hope we appreciate and remember these moments down the road, at least close to how vivid they are right now.

All in all we are great- though nursing some lingering illnesses, and will post more soon! CHRIS, HEATHER, TRISTAN, LEXI, AMAIA, ALINA and our resident boat geckos

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