Thursday, November 26, 2015

HAPPY THANKSGIVING... AND .... Are we there yet?

Hello Everyone,


We are about 280 miles away from NZ and should land there Saturday AM if all stays good. I can't believe how amazing this passage has been. Of course it was a little rocky in the beginning but the last few days we have been flying under blue skies and flatish seas... We have been cruising in light winds at about 9 knots and for me this is a dream. I was so afraid of this passage that I think my hair instantly turned gray and I lost about 15 pounds but it was all for nothing... So far they are predicting light winds and decent swells for the rest of the trip... YAY! We haven't needed to turn the engines on once and even if we did we couldn't go this fast so I am very thankful for the weather we are getting.

It is Thanksgiving and of course we are doing the best with what we have to celebrate. Chris' glazed carrots are a must, along with baked chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and stuffing. We are very thankful for so many things but for me I am thankful for all the time that we have been able to spend as a family. I can really see how the kids have changed and how appreciative, flexible, fun, helpful, and supportive of each other they are. We have been trapped on the boat for the last 5 days and I can honestly say that they haven't fought once and all we hear are giggles and comments on how good a drawing is or when a game is over, "nice game, lets play again". It is really refreshing and I hope that this atmosphere continues... I just love these guys!

I hope you all have a great day and are able to spend time with family, rest, eat lots, laugh lots and get lots of hugs...

I am very thankful that we get to come home for Christmas and see everyone. I really miss family and friends, especially on holidays when we are usually altogether hanging out, playing games, cooking and going for walks together.. Can't wait to see everyone.

Love and hugs to everyone,


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