Saturday, November 21, 2015

FAMILY CIRCUS is underway for New Zealand!

After a lot of sad goodbyes with the Shiners, we are underway for New Zealand. We packed George's stuff on board and headed out from Cagalai, and the winds were already picking up. We had an expected rough start for the first three hours making our way around the East side of Fiji, but we finally were able to change course and we're cruising now. The seas are pretty bumpy and too close together, but its manageable now and everyone seems to be feeling better. The Captain already got to take a nap as George stood watch!

We've already made bets on how long the passage will take, given our 9am departure on November 22nd. I hope we aren't jinxing it but we've all picked between 6 and 8 days. I hope I am right, as I picked the shortest passage! (actually Alina just weighed in with a shorter guess!)

I'll document it here so the court of public opinion is well informed:

GEORGE: 8 Days 00H
TRISTAN: 7 Days 9H
HEATHER: 7 Days 00H
ALEXIA: 8 Days 3H
CHRIS: 6 Days 11H
AMAIA: 7 Days 10H
ALINA: 6 Days 8H

We're sliding back in to passage mode, just sort of hanging out and getting our bearings. Some movies are being watched and books read, but mostly just hanging out. Otto is driving well and there isnt much to see, although we're still in Fijian waters and passing between Kandavu and Beqa islands. We've got the fishing line in the water.......NO WAIT! We just caught a 12lb Mahi Mahi on the new pink lure I made this morning! George must have brought his fishing luck with him. I'll pack the fishing lines in for now, until we can work through more of our food!

Anyway, I have fish to clean, and miles of ocean to stare at, so I will say So long for now and Sota Tal-e (Fijian for "until we meet again")

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