Thursday, November 19, 2015

Savu Savu and Viani Bay, Fiji.... Geothermal Energy, Diving and Kids

Hello Everyone,

Lots of pictures and not as much writing... but I think the pictures say it all... plus I am trying to catch up for being so distant and not being diligent in posting on time... Ugh... I am loving it here and all these people.  It is truly a magical, friendly place.

Since Chris is the diver with the kids he is going to share how amazing the diving at rainbow reef and around Viani bay is... All I can say is spectacular!

It has been a really busy 2 weeks and I have tried several times to update the blog but for some reason or another life has just gotten in the way.. I know you are thinking… you are on a boat how busy can it be?  I ask myself the same question everyday when 6pm rolls around and I wonder where in the world the time has gone.. 

We got into Savu Savu just in time for Halloween.  The kids were able to dress up and go trick or treating to the other boats in the marina and the anchorage… unfortunately they were all from different countries and as the kids found out they had to continuously explain why they are dressed up in the silly outfits and driving around in the dark and sneaking up on boats yelling, “Trick or Treat!”  After about an hour and only one chocolate bar to share between the 6 of them they decided to just come back to the boat and watch a movie.  Unfortunately, our TV decided not to participate and after taking it in to town to see if they could fix it at the TV repair shop (yes, they do still have those here), we ended up donating it.

Our goal in Savu Savu was to have a little down time, laundry, provisioning and small boat repairs done.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and french fries at the Copra Shed Marina and Anna and Patrick, Chris and I and their son George went out to a nice dinner.  

One of the things to do in Savu Savu are to visit the geothermal energy hot springs.  The girls were asking how hot the water is and if they could play in it.. Chris had gone before and he knew the water was really hot so he explained that they couldn’t play in it but they could possibly boil and egg in it… Ah Ha!  Science experiment!

The girls learned all about the hot springs and how the water comes from deep in the ground.  They used the scientific method to test their hypothesis about whether the water was hot enough to boil the egg…   

Yes it was definitely hot enough!  They found out that it was hotter than 220 Degrees Fahrenheit and that it took 10 minutes to poach an egg, 5 minutes wasn’t long enough.

 After about 5 days we decided to start our journey to Taveuni Island for all of the world famous diving and waterfall expeditions.  Believe me we were not let down.  We anchored in Viani Bay where we were told that Jack Fisher a local from the village would take you out in a boat and show you all the dive spots and wait there for you to return to your dinghy and then bring you back.  Jack was so wonderful and amazing we ended up staying 3 days, and having him join us for all 3 days.  The first day Jack took the big kids (Chris and Patrick) and the medium kids (Alexia, Xesca, Archie, Tristan and George) out to dive the white wall in his boat.  Anna and I stayed and played with the little girls in the village.  Whenever the bigger kids were not diving then it was a play day at the school playing their games of volleyball, soccer and rugby.

Fish Jack caught

Anna from Shine.. Always making me laugh as we sail by...

Alina made best friends with this little girl instantly.  They were so sweet playing all day...

Departing was such sweet sorrow for them... 

Before school got out the teacher of the younger grades took the kids out to the bay and they all had a great time climbing on this palm tree that had fallen over the water... the teacher dressed in her skirt and long sleeves walked straight into the water and began pushing the tree back and forth and the last kid to fall was the winner.  The girls had such an amazing time playing.  It is nice to see the freedom that the teachers have here in the small villages and the creativeness they can have with the kids without fear of being in trouble... smiles and laughter is all we heard for an hour!

This is the kids bus ride home.  They all had to climb in after school and leave us behind.  The boat was purchased by the government and supplied to the village to help transport the kids to school since they live all around the bay.  So fun to hear them singing and laughing first thing in the morning as they motor past our boat in the anchorage... When we come out on deck we get the standard... BULA! BULA!  Shout from all of them... Love it!

 I can really see why it takes a village to raise these kids... I never saw any of them unhappy and they all worked together and were extra inviting to all kids to play what ever they were playing... Nobody was ever left out... 

Hugs and love to all....


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