Monday, November 23, 2015

FAMILY CIRCUS to NZ - Day Three Dawns

On to Day Three! We have just completed our first 48 hours and have covered 389 miles in our first two days. The second day ended up pretty darn bumpy (read uncomfortable) but day three has emerged much nicer. The winds and seas have abated and we have put Family Circus in to "Baby Turbo" mode. We've looked at the weather information and listened to some very good radio nets, and it looks like shooting straight for New Zealand is the plan, with an incentive to get there before Saturday night when a front passes through. Either way, the front shouldnt be a bad one, and shouldnt "have much in it" but its a good incentive for us to make the boat go, as long as its comfortable enough. So we've put up more sail and are sprinting along at 8.5- 9.5 knots with the wind on the beam. Go Circus Go!!!

The kids are doing great, and just seem to think its business as usual. George has been fantastic, standing a stoic watch, and playing card games with the small girls who love their "Georgie-Poo". Heather is feeling under the weather, and unfortunately, or fortunately, its not sea sickness, but she's laying down outside and really wanting us to push the boat hard to go fast. She is an awesome partner, and looks right sexy in her oversized foul weather gear.

We haven't put the fishing lines in as we havent had a flat enough boat to really cook and eat the Dorado that we caught, and we cant bring any fish in to NZ. We'll see if we can pan fry it this afternoon.

Otherwise, all is good. The boat is handling this really well, and a small tear we have in our jib is holding, and we'll tackle a better repair in the next 24 hours. Additionally the winds should get a bit lighter as we get farther south, and more in to this high pressure system, but hopefully not light enough that we can't maintain our pace.

Hope all is well with you and that the Warriors keep winning! CHRIS

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  1. As always love reading the updates. You guys amaze me and we are so jealous of the adventures and experiences you are having.
    Love, the Mullin's