Sunday, June 30, 2013

We are now starting our countdown and making lists!

It is now the beginning of July and we began this Sunday with a family discussion of the pros and cons of cruising....

The pros far outweighed the cons except for missing family and friends.... That one is very heavily weighted!

Pros: new cultures, travel experiences, sailing with the trade winds, snorkeling, warm weather, vacation, family time, reading, fishing, meeting new people, wildlife, food, swimming, learning, exploring, seeing the kids grow and gain a sense of responsibility, going places few others have gone or will go, creating a sense of adventure in our family, flexibility...

Cons:  missing family and friends, sharks, ocean passages, stormy weather, sea sickness, sharks, bugs, orcas, frustrating boat issues, repairs, medical issues, homesick, homeschooling, enough space on boat, to much family time...

I will keep adding as we go, this is the short list that we have all come up with and the biggest concern is missing friends and family..

We are trying to wrap our heads around timing, general direction and months of travel, homeschooling, medical training, financing and oh yes... Sailing!

We are currently selling our boat and have been watching the market for a new one... Preferably we would like to purchase on west coast and leave with the baja haha crowd in October, but are finding a limited selection available so we are looking more at the east coast.  We are hoping to purchase a boat in early summer ..

This whole trip is a little overwhelming so we feel that taking small sections at a time, being flexible to change and open to new ideas is the only Way to tackle our new opportunity.

This is just the beginning............ Lets explore, dream and discover!