Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In search for our new home.....

Well we just returned from an event filled weekend in Costa Rica.  We went down in hopes of finding our floating home for the next 2 years.  

Let me start by saying how much I loved our trip.  Not only in terms of spending time with the owners, but also in Costa Rica.  I loved the food, the town of Quepos, the people of the town of Quepos and of course the warm tropical breezes.  I miss it already.  It is the small things that always bring a smile to your face.  Like the little chickens running all around with the iguanas, the little shops in town and out that when you pass by you always get a wave and an hola,  a nice cold beer sitting in the pool as you look over the horizon from our cliff top view.  I am really looking forward to many more of these "little things" on our trip.

Now down to the boat.  We really liked the boat.  It is a Lagoon 470 with 4 cabins and 3 heads.  The galley is down which has its pros and cons... I really think the only real con is while cruising if you get sick... otherwise it is a good place to wedge yourself in so you don't get hurt while cooking.  Hopefully I won't need to make a pot of stew in 15 meter seas... so it should be good.  Cosmetically it is in amazing condition... almost like new.  Very comfortable for our crew.  The current owners have taken very good care of her and have done a lot of work.  They are two cursing couples, 3 of which are chemists and one with an OCD cleaning problem, I mean this in the most affectionate way.  So fantastic!  I need to make sure to get their cleaning concoctions before we separate...Really fun and wonderful people.  We are starting the process for the purchase of it and it is not a small task.  With her being in costa rica it adds a few small glitches to what is already a time consuming and organizing adventure.  The current owners are from the bay area and are making their way home.  What a fantastic scenario... so along the way we will have the boat checked out by a surveyor and an engine mechanic and then have her hauled out in the bay area (I believe)... One thing this adventure has already taught me is that nothing goes as planned but it always seems to work out... From what I hear this is the main cruising lesson... flexibility and creativity to think outside of the box and make it happen.   Now if I can just keep telling myself that I can get through this process without anxiety meds. :@)