Thursday, May 18, 2017

Moving in.......

Hello Everyone,

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you fabulous, amazing, incredible mothers out there.  For our Mother's day we started off the morning with a wonderful 10 mile hike with Tristan's boy scout troop.  Tristan and his friend were in charge to lead the trek.  It is a wonderful beginning to the day.  Kava and Ariel were able to join us with their dog Ruby so Bula would have a friend to tag along with.  Kava and Rel hiked with the old woman the whole way.  Well I ended up peeling off a little early so that I could go get the trailer ready and buy lunches for our picnic.

I am having the best time and get the biggest kick out of all the new people we are meeting and how wonderful the community is up there.  I think I have mentioned in the past but I can't say enough how amazing it is to talk with the most random people up there and discover how interconnected and the history they all have with each other.  I know it is a small town but the people there have connections that span back to the gold rush days and their grandparents or as they say "relations" coming over on wagon trains and helping the settlers bring lumber down from the saw mills drawn by horse and cart...

It seems that we have stepped back in time.  If you have read Stephen Kings, 11/22/63, you will know how I feel.  Chris and I have been talking to a number of people about getting work done on the property, advice for development, insurance, and getting supplies delivered.  When I first started calling around I spoke to a farmers insurance agent out of Jackson, which is about 15 miles from our property.  We ended up talking about how his grandparents names are Veautaw and they came over with the gold rush and the road we are living on "Votaw" is named after them and they have relations all over the county.  Chris and I are looking to get gravel and sand delivered to the property for the volleyball court and to layer for the driveway to help prepare for the winter and keeping the dust down.  So I called Kenny at plymouth sand and gravel and was explaining where it would need to be delivered and he said, "Oh Herb's old place, the sheep shed.  I used to go up there and help with the sheep and repair fences and hang out with him."  Then he explained that he doesn't have road base and so I should call Mitch to get both delivered and that he knows Mitch will get the sand from him and then the road base gravel from someone else.  In talking to Mitch he also used to go up to the sheep shed and play in the creek and roam the property and help with the sheep.  I guess the Farnham's (who we bought the land from) used to own a ton of acres up in the Plymouth and Fiddletown area... Rob Farnham's Uncle used to own the saw mill up in Fiddletown and the road that they wagons would use to transport the lumber to the gold mines and connected Fiddletown to plymouth in the gold rush days went right past our property.   I am just loving talking to all these guys and finding the small connections they all have.

It is refreshing to hear the old fashioned good ole neighbor network and the systems they put in place to make sure everyone gets their share of the work.  Also, everyone operates by snail mail and either cash or check still.  I asked Mitch how can I pay you and he says, "Well I live right around the corner from you.  Just go on past the walnut grove, past the little vineyard, down the dip, cross the creek and then on the right will be a pipe fence painted white... go on down the driveway and my wife Donna will be there... just go on and hand her a check."  No street address needed.  I am sure I will find it. Hee Hee.

I have been looking forward to this day for awhile.  We were able to get our eye sore trailer out of the driveway here in Lafayette and moved up to the property.  I think she is really happy up there... I can't wait to join her over memorial day weekend.

We had a great time playing on the tractor,

getting the trailer all balanced and set up

Tristan exhausted or just bored.. not sure which.

and then playing a little imaginary volleyball and badminton on our new court.  I am having a bunch of sand delivered today so that we can spread it for some play time on memorial day weekend.

Alina loves playing in all the dirt mounds left behind when the roads were cut out and the volleyball court was made.

Gotta have a few swings to hang out in.   

Alexia and Tristan love driving the truck around the property....

One of the best spots on the property is on top of a little knoll with a large oak tree and some granite... It faces the west and overlooks the vineyard.  This particular spot grabbed my attention immediately.  I couldn't wait to put a bench and some adirondack chairs and a little table and sit there and watch the sunset.

And then Monday was the Boy scout Mother's Day tea where the boys bring you flowers and serve you tea and cookies and then stand up in front of everyone and say how much you mean to them and why they love you.... most of the boys say they love their mom's because they feed them excellent food, drive them everywhere and do their laundry.... Hmmm... sounds like we need to do less for these little treasures.  The things we do for all of our kids.

Hope all is well and hugs to everyone,