For sale: Our Boat

Hello Everyone,

     Many people have been asking how comfortable we all are on our boat.  I can honestly tell you that there are many times when Chris and I ask each other, "Where is Amaia, or Alina?" while we are on the boat.  We know that we are on a boat, but there are times when Chris and I feel that we are the only ones on it.  The kids have adapted so well to the cruising life and life on the boat that we don't even think of it as boat living any longer... it's just our new way of living.

If you are interested here are some of the specifications of our boat and some interior and exterior pictures.  At the end of our journey we will be, unfortunately selling her, so this website is the beginning of putting something together for people to see... but right now we are still enjoying our adventure and time together until her new owner comes along to take her on her next adventure. Since we are still roaming the seas please contact Anna at, she can help answer all your questions.

This is our boat's website....

Here is a link to a video walk through .....

Yachtworld Link ...

      We have had an amazing journey and are sad to sell her but it is time to get all the kids back on land for now.  We are already dreaming of our next adventure in 10 years when Alina graduates high school.

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