Thursday, May 26, 2016

Catching up on Picture uploads... Anatom and Tanna Island

Hello Everyone,

I am just catching up on some more picture uploads from the last week.  Sorry for the bombardment, I also use my blog page for back up incase I loose a hard drive and some of my pictures so I through my favorites up just in case... bare with me.

Below are from our arrival on Anatom and Mystery Island...

Vanuatu Police Boat

Little girls playing volleyball and then soccer in the village

Here are some more pictures of our time on Tanna that I couldn't get uploaded last night.

Port Resolution Yacht Club, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Little Banyon tree... NOT!

She was running with this knife to catch up to the rest of the kids when I shouted, "ahhh don't run with the knife!"  I can't help it.. the kids were so mad at me.

Hope all is well at home,

Hugs and love to all,


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Updating with some pictures from Vanuatu....

Hello Everyone,

We are in Port Villa Vanuatu now and are trying to get a bunch of stuff done so that we can get out of here by Saturday Morning.  It is now Thursday evening and tomorrow will be a shopping, laundry, gas and then moving the boat into another bay to go to a fire dancing show tomorrow night.

Volcano Pictures.... and village pictures... and a few videos....

And here are some of the pictures from Tanna village ....

And some of the Volcano journey.... Incredible.....

Only post box on a volcano in the world... you can actually send mail.

100 meter walk up to the rim