Sunday, December 7, 2014

At Villa Palmar Loreto and Finally able to update pictures...

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.  We are making a quick stop here at the resort so that we can get our free wifi in and get all of our business taken care of.  I am able to upload a bunch of pictures to the shutterfly share site I created (it is one of the tabs on our blog).  So if you get a chance or if you want take a look at them.  Some are duplicates so bare with me....

We are having a great time.  We will be heading to La Paz today for over the next week and then will be back in cell/internet reception.  Weather is great and it is amazingly beautiful in every cove we go to.  It is starting to get cold so we are using a lot of our cold weather clothes and we really haven't been in the water much lately.  We still use the paddle boards and kayaks to discover nooks and crannies of the bays, chris is fishing a lot, amaia is venturing on her own with the kayak to visit distant shores and keep the baja kayakers company while they make dinner.  Every where we go she tells someone (anyone who will listen) our life story.  It is really funny when I go in somewhere and I introduce myself and they say... we already met your daughter.... Amaia beats me to it every time.  She is born to do this and really is becoming so confident and independent.

Hope everyone is staying dry and out of the rain... thank goodness it looks like California is finally getting some weather.  Glad I am not there :@)  It is getting colder here but still in the 70's and with a cool breeze (10 - 20knt winds) that blow daily.  Water temp is 77 degrees, so there is no BooHooing on my part.

Hugs to all and stay healthy.


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